About Us

Our Story

The Taylor is a U.K. based home decor company that takes pride in begin fresh and new to the market. We understand that a happy costumer is the most important form of profit that a successful company can have. With this being said, we would like to tell you a little bit about how we got our name.

Taylor is my family name. I know that some of you  can recall the “joys” of being the youngest of the bunch, the different one. Having a real-estate agent and an architect as parents, you can image that everything was for the love of design and decor. Unluckily for me, they classified my taste as unique to be nice, and subsequently I had little to no say with the decorative appearance of my home. Despite this, I realised that I had an undying passion for design, and although my taste was unique, I knew that some people dislike what others love and vice versa. Thanks to my experiences, I’ve built a shop that prides itself with having unique and fashion daring items.

If you are looking for something culturally different, some of our beautiful items sourced from Asia and the Middle East can allow you to appreciate and dive into the feels of another culture from the comfort of your home. Or, if you are looking for something modern, minimaslistic, vintage, or something plain old jazzy and fun looking to spice up your living space we are the store for you.

Most importantly, we would like to highlight that this company is more that just a company, it’s a person just like you are. A person who understands the need for trust between buyers and sellers. Based on these understandings stated, our company understands that you are the most important thing about us, whether we are a small company or a billion dollar company. The power is in the hands of the supporters; therefore it is us who are lucky to have you.

We have all been let down in some form or another by poor service, and even worse resolution techniques while shopping. Based on experiences as consumer, I can affirm that it is The Taylor’s promise to you, our valued costumers, that if we ever fall short, we will review the matter, rectify our mistakes and compensate for a less than satisfactory experience.

With your interest being our interest, we would like to encourage you to let us know what items you would like to find on our site in order to give us the best chance to supply you with the decor you desire. You can do so by visiting our Contact Us page and giving us your valued input.

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